Unique Oil

Unique Oil

The autochthonous olive variety, Serrana de Espada, provides our oil with a flavor unique around the world. Oils protected under the PDO "Aceite de la Comunitat Valenciana. Sierras de Espadan y Calderona" contain at least 80 % of the Serrana de Espadan olive.

Olive oil is considered Extra Virgin and Virgin if it satisfies the following requirements at the time of bottling:

Extra Virgin 

Acidity ≤ 0,8° Acidity ≤ 1,5°
Peroxide index ≤20 meg 0 2 /Kg Peroxide index ≤20 meg 0 2 /Kg    
K270 ≤ 0,22   K270 ≤ 0.25
K232 ≤ 2,50    K232 ≤ 2,60
Median of defined sensory defects = 0 Median of defined sensory defects ≤ 2,5
Median of fruitiness ≥ 2   Median of fruitiness > 0

Based on the time of collection and organoleptic characteristics, we can distinguish two types of oil:
• "Fruity Green" from an earlier collection, deep green color with traces of yellow, aromatic and slightly bitter.
• "Fruity Mature" from a later harvest, color ranges from green to yellow.

Processing of oil under the label of the PDO "Aceite de la Comunitat Valenciana. Sierras de Espadán y Calderona" is subject to strict quality standards. 

Our oil has won several awards and has been included in the "Great Taste Club", the most elite club in terms of "delicatessen" food products, after succeeding a rigorous test of quality. During the blind taste test, the product was examined by a board of experts in the culinary world, Top Chefs, writers, gastronomic critics, restaurateurs and professionals of "fine food".

We received the "Great Taste Awards", described by the UK as "The Oscars of Alimentation". With this award, the olive oil has been recognized as one of the most respected autochthonous, single-variety olive oils in the world. The oil is 100% made ​​of Serrana de Espadan, an autochthonous olive variety that grows only in the natural parks of Espadan and Calderona mountains and is certified with the PDO “Aceite de La Comunidad Valenciana”. The oil is decanted naturally; it is very low in acidity and has a characteristic fruity flavor with intense aromas of recently cut grass, apple and kiwi. Traces of vanilla, rosemary and nuts can be distinguished on the palate.

  • Silver Medal, Verema Awards 2012

  • Best Single-Variety Olive Oil, Anuario de cocina de la Comunidad Valenciana (Almanac of Cuisine of Valencia County).

  • Best Single-Variety Olive Oil, Almanac Vergara 2013

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