Espadán mountains

Serrana Espadán olive

Vigor: High

Posture: Erect

Fruit size: Medium

Productivity: Low

Fat Yield: 21-25 %


Oil quality: Excellent

The olive has been the main crop in the area for centuries, and currently, it is the most extended crop in Alto Palencia, with Serrana de Espadan being its most frequent variety. Olive cultivation is spread in most of the municipalities that form the region, concentrated especially in the zone of Altura, Segovia and Viver. The average annual production of olive in the region is estimated at about 8,000,000 kg of olives.

The traditional olive grove of Espadan and Calderona mountains forms a part of production system with an extensive dry land and tenure of smallholder plots, and as such, exhibits low productivity. However, the special characteristics of the climate, the soil and the variety result in fruits of excellent quality.

The continuity of olive growing in the area is crucial for preserving the natural parks of Espadan and Calderona mountains, given the fact that the extracted olive oil benefits from a great popularity among the consumer due to its quality, recognized and controlled by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin of the Valencian Community Olive Oil (Aceite de la Comunitat Valenciana).

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