The Environment

The geographic area of traditional production is located in the Espadan and Calderona mountains, declared as national parks.

These mountain ranges extend mostly in the region of Alto Palancia.

The region is located in the province of Castellon, in the northwest of the Valencian Community, and spreads across the area of over 1,000 km2 with a declining population of slightly above 23,000 inhabitants. Its physical demarcation coincides with the Palancia river watershed, nestled on the foothills of the Iberian System.


Calderona mountains

The landscape of 17,772 hectares was declared a national park by the Valencian government on 15 January 2002. The natural park belongs to the broader mountain range in the foothills of the Iberian system that covers an area of roughly 60.000 hectares and splits the basins of Palancia river in the North and Turia river in the South.

This mountain range covers a vast area situated mainly below the altitude of 1000 m, with the exception of the Montemayor in the far northwest where the elevation of 1,015 meters above sea level is reached.

Out of all peaks of the mountain range, no doubt the most visited one is the Garbi, due to the viewpoint that offers a beautiful panorama over the regions of L' Horta and Camp de Morvedre.

There are three important religious buildings in the mountain area: Cartuja de Porta Coeli, Cartuja de Vall de Cristo in Altura and the monastery of Sant Esperit in Gilet.

Espadan mountains

This landscape of 31,182 hectares was declared a natural park by the Valencian government on 8 October 1998, being the second largest protected area within the Valencia Community. The natural park forms part of a mountain range in the foothills of the Iberian System that separates the basins of Palencia river in the south and Mijares in the north. The mountain range is located between the regions of Alto Palancia, Alto Mijares and Plana Baja.

Espadan mountains are about 60 km in length and 1,200 km ² in extension. The altitude is not very high since the highest peaks hardly reach beyond thousand meters, such as the Rápita (1106 meters), the Pinar (1101 meters) or the peak of Espadan (1083 meters).

The park is rich in history and culture. It is highly recommended to visit different towns that still keep their medieval structure, such as Ain or Almedijar, and the ruins of Almonecir castle in the Vall de Almonacid. 


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