About Us


We are a small size company with a long trajectory of olive and truffle production and harvesting. We are situated in the region of Alto Palancia, the province of Castellon, with approximately 40 hectares of land designated for plantation of olive trees and oaks. The olive trees grow in the natural environment of Calderona and Espadan mountains that gave its name to the olive variety (Serrana de Espadan) from which we get our highly valued oil.

The oaks grow in the natural landscape of El Toro and provide us with both the black truffle and the summer truffle. The autochthonous products of our land get combined through an artisanal process in order to offer an exquisite production of truffled oil that certainly satisfies even the most demanding palate.


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International department
(for English, Czech, German,
French and Spanish)
Barbora Zindelova: +34 633 37 64 55
Spanish department
Juan Mañes: +34 625 49 26 27
Partida La Esperanza, 16
12400 Segorbe, Castellón